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4 Steps to Effective Performance Management


Bert Brannen’s article “4 Steps to Effective Performance Management” was featured in the September issue Construction Business Owner.

Maximizing employees’ potential has always been a challenge for employers. But, in the construction industry, receiving the best performance from employees can dramatically impact owner satisfaction and profitability. Performance management is no just about dealing with the poor performers. It is a holistic process that involves hiring the right people, setting employee expectations, coaching employees to effectively deliver a high-quality product on time and terminating poor performers. Rather than finding ways to get a poor performer to do a better job after a problem surfaces, construction employers should understand that performance management begins when a job opening is created. They should invest in preliminary activities like recruiting, screening, orienting, training and creating effective performance evaluation systems.

In the article, Bert provides employers with four steps to effective performance management.

  1. Hire the right people.
  2. Set expectations
  3. Implement performance coaching
  4. Let go of poor performers.


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