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New Legally Required Minimum Wage Poster Available for Free


On Tuesday, July 24, the first of three increases in the federal minimum wage will take effect. The three steps are:

    Date                               Increase

    July 24, 2007                    to $5.85 per hour
    July 24, 2008                    to $6.55 per hour
    July 24, 2009                    to $7.25 per hour

U.S. Labor Department regulations require employers to display an official Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) poster which generally explains the law's requirements. The poster must be displayed in a conspicuous place in every establishment where employees are employed, and employees must be able to see it easily. Some courts have ruled that failure to comply with the FLSA's conspicuous posting requirement extends the time limits under which an employee can bring FLSA claims. In such situations, the ability to bring claims can be extended until the time that the employee obtains actual notice of his or her FLSA rights. To prevent such problems, be sure your poster is appropriately displayed.

The Labor Department has now released the official poster that will take effect on July 24. As of that day, the current version will no longer be valid. You can get a copy of the new poster by clicking the links below. Please be sure to have the proper poster displayed before the deadline.

For additional information about FLSA issues or any other labor, employment, benefits, or immigration issue, please contact your Fisher Phillips LLP attorney.

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