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Kentucky Increased Minimum Wage Set To Take Effect July 1, 2009


Effective July 1, 2009  the minimum wage in Kentucky will increase from $6.55 per hour to $7.25 per hour. Although the federal minimum wage increase of this same amount does not become effective until July 24, 2009, the Kentucky General Assembly voted to have the wage hike take effect earlier for Kentucky employees.

The Kentucky Labor Cabinet, Division of Employment Standards, Apprenticeship and Mediation has received a number of inquiries regarding the upcoming change in minimum wage because of the two effective dates. July 24, 2009 is the federal deadline for all states to comply with the new minimum wage rate. But for Kentucky employers the date of compliance is now July 1, 2009, rather than July 24, 2009.

The minimum wage rate for tipped employees will remain at $2.13 per hour.

This Legal Alert provides information about a specific Kentucky state law. It is not intended to be, and should not be construed as, legal advice for any particular fact situation.

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