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Judge Delays Ruling on Request for an Injunction Against Florida's "Bring Your Gun to Work" Law


Employment Attorneys React

FORT LAUDERDALE – A Federal judge in Florida has delayed a decision on a request by business groups to halt implementation of the so-called "Bring Your Gun to Work" law. Judge Robert Hinkle of the Northern District of Florida heard arguments on a request by the Florida Chamber of Commerce and the Florida Retail Federation to enjoin the law from going into effect as scheduled on July 1, 2008.

However, Judge Hinkle stated the law is so poorly written that it is "stupid." He said he expects to rule on the injunction request by mid July.

Employment attorney Charles Caulkins of Fisher Phillips LLP said, "Based on the comments from the judge I think we can be optimistic that he will grant the injunction. Even if the judge does not, there are still steps that can be taken to try to stop this ill-advised law from being implemented." Caulkins urged all Florida businesses to be sure they are in compliance with the law on July 1.

The law applies to most Florida businesses. It permits employees and other people visiting a business to maintain concealed weapons inside their vehicles while on a parking lot owned by the business. Many business groups, employers and attorneys strongly opposed the bill and view it as a blow to workplace safety.

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