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Improve I-9 Compliance With Our New Electronic I-9 Solution


As DHS increases enforcement efforts and threatens criminal sanctions for immigration violations, employers need to improve their compliance with federal immigration requirements. Our Electronic I-9 Solution helps protect your business by making it easier to complete and store I-9 forms.

When you implement the Fisher Phillips Electronic I-9 Solution, you will have the ability to enter and save I-9 forms and supporting documents. The I-9 process is virtually failsafe. The automated system guides you through the process, highlighting missing information and correcting errors before permitting electronic storage of the form. You can attach photocopies of supporting documents to the actual I-9 form and capture signatures electronically.

You will have access to extensive report generation capabilities, including reports showing document and status expiration dates. This both helps ensure timely reverification as well as integration with our immigration tracking software. In addition, our solution will let you monitor I-9 compliance within your organization at several levels. The system can roll-up compliance reporting for subsidiaries, divisions, departments, or lesser units.

Our solution also gives you the option of linking to the DHS E-Verify system (f/k/a Basic Pilot), the Social Security Administration online verification system, or the OFAC Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List, all at no additional charge.

Converting, Correcting, and Storing Existing Forms
In addition to handling I-9 completion going forward, our solution gives you the option of converting your existing I-9 forms for electronic storage. In this process, your forms are reviewed and entered into the software system by our specially trained data entry personnel. Supporting documents are reviewed as part of this process. Any curable defects are identified and returned electronically for correction. In most cases, problems can be cured at the data entry level, which reduces your risk of liability.

More troublesome problem documents and defective forms are escalated by the data entry personnel to paralegals, associates, and/or partners within the Global Immigration Practice. This ensures that problems are corrected whenever possible in the most efficient, cost-effective manner and that the most correct form is actually stored in the system. This feature sets our solution apart from most other electronic I-9 systems because of our nationally recognized expertise in I-9 compliance.

As part of the conversion process, we work with you to ensure that you have all of the forms required by law. We also apply the retention test to purge unnecessary forms. Once data entry is complete, all paper forms are destroyed.

Saving Time & Money
Because forms will be stored electronically you will no longer have to maintain and/or administer a paper-based filing or binder system. This alone will result in enormous time savings. In addition, because forms will be entered electronically on computers at your site, there is a possibility for additional labor cost savings through reduction of the number of people involved in the I-9 process.

Secure & Confidential
Given the current concerns with identity theft, we take the security and confidentiality of your data very seriously. All data entry personnel are subject to strict and vigorous background screening. Data entry occurs only in areas secured by lock and key and on computer systems that are dedicated solely for this purpose. Each computer has only the software necessary for data entry, and there is no capability to store, copy, or transmit I-9 forms or data outside of the software system. The machines have no Internet or e-mail capability. Data entry personnel are not permitted to take cell phones, blackberries, or any other communications equipment into the data entry area. I-9 forms are stored in separate, locked space and forms are logged in and logged out. Data entry personnel are subject to constant monitoring and surveillance.

About Fisher Phillips Global Immigration Practice
Fisher Phillips provides a single solution for all global immigration needs. We manage a full suite of immigration services for clients to allow their employees to work legally in any country. We provide complete end-to-end case management and customer service to ensure that global expatriate and non-local staff maintain proper immigration status throughout the duration of employment. We utilize cutting-edge software for case initiation, data-intake, case-tracking, and calendaring of expiration dates. This software allows us to track immigration processes for any country in the world. Our case management system is readily accessible online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by all authorized users and ensures that we are able to manage data in the most cost-effective, reliable, and efficient manner to better serve the needs of our clients.

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