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Workplace Safety Co-Chair Talks to SHRM about Issues Related to Employees and Face Masks


In an interview with SHRM, Todd Logsdon discussed the hot topic of whether employers should require their employees to wear face masks in an effort to protect themselves and their colleagues from the spread of COVID-19. The article explains that some states are merely recommending face coverings while other are requiring them. Todd explains that the issue of employers being required to pay for such face masks all depends on “the specific language of the order.” He notes that “some orders specifically require the employer to provide or pay for the masks for employees…[while other orders] have specifically included language that the employer doesn’t have to pay for the masks.”

The article goes on to discuss other issues associated with face coverings in the workplace, including situations where employees refuse to wear a mask that has been required by state or local order. In those situations, Todd recommends that employers “first attempt to explain the requirement to the employee and convince the employee of the need to wear the mask…[and] if an employee continues to refuse the legal or safety requirement the employer may be able to suspend the employee.”

To read the article, visit SHRM (subscription required).


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