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Workplace Safety and Catastrophe Management Co-Chair Interviews on Employer Obligations for Supplying Personal Protective Equipment


NASA’s recent snafu with the fit of space suits brought forth a renewed focus on employer requirements for providing personal protective equipment (PPE). Ill-fitting equipment and clothing can pose safety hazards and can make some employees feel discriminated against if proper sizes aren’t provided.  In an interview with EHS Today, Todd Logsdon says employers are required to conduct an assessment of the workplace to determine what hazards are present that necessitate the use of PPE. Based off that assessment, employers should select the appropriate PPE that addresses the hazards, make sure the PPE properly fits each affected employee, and most importantly, make sure each employee knows when PPE is necessary, how to don, adjust and wear the PPE, as well as properly care and maintain the PPE.  

To read the full article, visit EHS Today.


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