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Workplace Romances Could Cause Headaches for Companies


Jim Holland was featured on KMBZ to discuss how having a fling at work could lead to trouble in paradise.

Jim said for small companies an outright ban on employee relationships is a good idea. However larger ones could consider offering "love contracts.

The employer has the employee sign a love contract where they are both agreeing that the relationship between the two of them is completely consensual," Jim told KMBZ.

These love contracts could require employees to sign an agreement that says their relationship is consensual, that they've read the company's sexual harassment policy, and that they won't supervise each other. Holland says that last one is key, all companies should ban relationships between supervisors and workers.

 "The problem is that if you've got employees involved in a relationship in the workplace, even though it might start off as completely consensual, if the relationship ends one of the parties might end up making a claim and then you've got a sexual harassment problem on your hands," said Jim.

To read the full article, please visit KMBZ.


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