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Whiskers Unlimited? Not On Wall St.


Beards are very much in fashion now.  In some cities it’s almost hard to find a man who doesn’t have a beard, especially now that the weather is colder.

In an article posted by the New York Times author Allan D. Peterkin suggests that beards are not widely accepted in  the finance industry.

It may not be true for everyone in finance, but most bankers and traders are a conspicuously clean-shaven lot, according to Peterkin.

Atlanta Partner Jennifer Sandberg contributed to the article saying companies can ban beards as part of their dress code to keep up a certain image.

“An employee can challenge that ban if he (or she, for that matter) argues that a beard is legally protected because of religion, race, disability or gender,” said Jennifer.

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Jennifer was also featured on The Bend Oregon. 


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