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When Babies Cross a Business Line


Grace Horoupian, a partner in the Irvine office, was quoted in the September 24 Employee Benefit News article "When Babies Cross a Business Line." The article focused on issue of employers allowing workers to bring their young children or babies into the workplace with them. Giving parents flexibility to care for their kids can build employee loyalty and appreciation, but companies should have clear child care policies and gain all employees' support to avoid discrimination claims or large productivity disruptions. Grace said: "The levels of professionalism vary depending on the work environment. It comes down to: What's your culture like? Are your clients' needs being taken care of? Are your employees productive under these policies and do you monitor them to make sure they are implemented correctly and not affecting other work rules?" In order to foster a successful child care policy or program, she stressed that employers should put all policies in writing and be specific. She suggested having employees fill out an acknowledgment that they received and are aware of the policies.


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