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When an Employee Has a Seizure—What Next?


Jeff Dretler was quoted in SHRM on July 31, 2015. The article “When an Employee Has a Seizure—What Next?” addressed what steps should be taken when an employee has a seizure in the workplace.

Jeff said multiple factors are involved when analyzing safety concerns after someone has a seizure at work, such as:

Regardless, Jeff added that there are steps almost any employer can take to address safety concerns after an employee has a seizure at work. The employer:

But there also may be the risk of potential liability to third parties, such as customers or the general public, Jeff said.

Potential liability arises as well under the ADA. However, “if the employer has made the relevant medical inquiries, conducted appropriate colloquy with the employee and still believes removing the employee from duty is the most prudent choice for the safety of the public, it may be in the employer’s best interest to run the risk of any possible employment discrimination lawsuit that may result,” Jeff remarked.

To read the full article, please visit SHRM.

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