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What You Should Do If An Employee Airs Their Complaints Online


Denver Managing Partner Todd Fredrickson was quoted on Advance, a website for healthcare professionals, in the article "What You Should Do If An Employee Airs Their Complaints Online." The article noted that discussions about working conditions or wages by employees is considered protected activity under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). When those comments are made online, however, their impact can be damaging to the company. Understanding what the act entails and how it impacts an employer's ability to direct, monitor, and respond to employee comments, either on-site or online, is critical. That understanding can help when crafting an effective social media policy for employees and managers. Todd said, "You want to have a policy in place that explains that this conduct can be grounds for discipline." It's important to note that your policies cannot supersede the law. Employees' rights still flow from the NLRA.

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