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What This Week's Abercrombie Ruling Means for Employers' Hiring Practices


Alanna Brook was quoted in the Phoenix Business Journal on June 4, 2015. The article “What This Week's Abercrombie Ruling Means for Employers' Hiring Practices” discussed how the Supreme Court's ruling in the Samantha Elauf case creates complications and potentially more legal troubles for employers and hiring managers.

“The decision puts the burden on employers to ensure that they consider the potential need for accommodation, even when the employee does not expressly state that an accommodation is needed,” said Alanna.

“Employers should never ask directly about an applicant’s religion," Alanna said. “The Supreme Court’s opinion in no way changes this. Questions related to an applicant’s religion, religious beliefs, religious practices, and/or faith remain impermissible. Instead, the Supreme Court’s opinion requires the employer to be mindful of potential conflicts to its policies and procedures and to consider whether a potential conflict is religious in nature.”

To read the full article, please visit Phoenix Business Journal.


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