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What Does GINA Protect?


Ruth Mackey was quoted in the article “What Does GINA Protect?” published by HR Daily Advisor.

In 2008, Congress recognized scientific advances in the field of genetics and feared these advances would give rise to misuse and discrimination based on genetic information. This led to the passing of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act.

"GINA was prompted by scientific advancements in genetics and the decoding of the human genome,” Ruth explained. "If you watch CSI, or Law & Order, or any other crime procedural, you probably know that genetic information is a hot topic these days; not only to identify and capture criminals, but also as a diagnostic tool for preventative medicine."

GINA Title I prohibits discrimination in group health insurance premiums, amending ERISA, the Public Health Services Act, and the Internal Revenue Code.

GINA Title II prohibits discrimination in employment by employers and other entities. It prohibits the use of genetic information in employment decisions, and prohibits the acquisition of genetic information. It also prohibits the disclosure of employee genetic information.

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