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What Do State Marijuana Laws Mean For Employers' Drug Policies?


Denver partner Danielle Urban was interviewed in the article "What Do State Marijuana Laws Mean for Employers’ Drug Policies?" featured May 21 on SHRM.ORG.  The article discussed the challenges for employers as new state laws are causing confusion among employees and job applicants and giving HR professionals headaches about what they can and cannot enforce. Some also worry that the state laws may make it more difficult to find future workers who meet their organizations’ drug-testing criteria.

To date, the courts have weighed in on the side of employers’ right to test. After all, federal law still outlaws marijuana possession and use.

Arizona and Delaware could pose interesting legal challenges in the future because state laws there ban employers from firing workers for off-duty use of marijuana.

Even in other states, Danielle says, some employers are reluctant to interfere in their employees’ personal lives.

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