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Wearable Technology: How Employers Can Limit Their Risks


Tracy Moon was quoted in Xpert HR Blog on November 19, 2015. The article “Wearable Technology: How Employers Can Limit Their Risks” discussed Tracy's recent webinar in which he examined wearable technology and what it could mean for the workplace.

“Newer employees are more tech savvy and more agreeable to using these devices,” said Tracy.

Most of the attendees agreed, with 75% saying they believe wearable technology will improve workplace productivity and profitability. Among the other benefits Tracy details include:

But with those benefits also come some new business considerations and risks. For instance, Tracy noted, “If they [employees] have wearable devices, you may not be aware they’re not working” as opposed to cell phones. And that’s not all.

For instance, Tracy said limited data security features may lead to unauthorized access to an employer’s data systems and give a green light to hackers. That’s why Tracy believes it’s important to have a wearable device policy in place that includes safeguards.

Employers also need to consider video monitoring laws, audio recording laws and privacy issues in light of the new technology. In addition, Tracy pointed out that wearable devices may invite increased scrutiny from government agencies and sound the alarm for OSHA, the EEOC or the National Labor Relations Board.

To read the full article, please visit the Xpert HR Blog.


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