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'We Are Constantly in an Adversarial State'


In wake of a Silicon Valley attorneys death, Richard Meneghello was quoted in the article, "We Are Constantly in an Adversarial State," discussing the stress and conflict that comes with being a litigator.

Meneghello said in an email that “he has long viewed the toughest part of a litigator’s job as being the combativeness that is always present.”

“If I have 20 cases open at any given time, that means there are 20 people out there in the world who are waiting for me to slip up in some way,” Meneghello wrote.

“Any mistake I make would be to their benefit, so they are constantly probing and prodding and hoping for some weakness or error to be exposed. That concept can feel overwhelming at times, and I imagine the pressure that can result from that combativeness could easily lead to substance abuse.“

To read the full article, please visit Oregon Business.


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