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VW Hit with U.S. Unfair Labor Practice Complaint at Tenn. Plant


Following a failed attempt to unionize, a small group of VW skilled workers have sought to start their own union. VW's denial of this request has resulted in an unfair labor practice complaint to be filed against them by the NLRB. In the article, "VW Hit with U.S. Unfair Labor Practice Complaint at Tenn. Plant," Steven Bernstein discusses the potential outcomes of this case.

Steven Bernstein said the NLRB complaint will likely be followed by others in a legal process that could take three to four years.

Bernstein told Automotive News that if VW loses, it could be forced to compensate the skilled workers in Chattanooga. But the consequences of allowing a small group to unionize could be much broader as it would affect other companies across the U.S. south.

To read the full article, please visit Automotive News.


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