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USCIS to Target Perceived H-1B Abusers with Focused Site Visits


Employers in the U.S. and the foreign IT outsourcing firms they contract with for H-1B visa workers are the primary targets of new enforcement measures announced by the Trump administration. In the article, "USCIS to Target Perceived H-1B Abusers with Focused Site Visits," featured in SHRM, Partner Shanon Stevenson discusses the effects of the random H-1B site visits on employers. 

"This shift from random site visits to targeted visits will affect IT outsourcers more than others," said Shanon. They are usually considered H-1B dependent (e.g., companies with at least 51 full-time employees and employing a number of H-1Bs that is equal to 15 percent or more of the U.S. workforce of the organization) and file the largest number of H-1B cap-subject petitions as well, she added.

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