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Unions Steamrolling Quickie Elections


A new analysis identified that President Obama’s rules that sped up the union election process also increased the chances of a union victory, as detailed in The Washington Free Beacon article “Unions Steamrolling Quickie Elections.” The analysis was conducted by Fisher Phillips and found that in elections that last 14 days or less, unions win at higher rates, 82.4 percent compared to 66.6 percent. Steve Bernstein is quoted: “Before the rule was changed, the union-win rate for bargaining units with 25 or less people was 69 percent. In the three years since, the win rate went up to 74 percent.” The process being sped up has had a negative effect on businesses. “It's very tough for an employer to deal with these issues in real time.… It's been a recipe for confusion," Steve added.

For the full article visit The Washington Free Beacon.


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