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Unions Hope To Take Local Right-To-Work Ruling To SCOTUS


While conflict ensues in Kentucky over the right-to-work laws that were adopted by the state in January 2017, unions have asked the 6th Circuit to vacate its judgment in anticipation of escalating this matter to the U.S Supreme Court. In the article, "Unions Hope To Take Local Right-To-Work Ruling To SCOTUS," featured in Law360, Steve Bernstein issues a statement about these laws.

“Right-to-work is not going away,” Steve Bernstein told Law360. “It’s a fixture largely for economic reasons that are a lot more intractable than the whim of public opinion, so we’re going to be hearing, I suspect, about right-to-work — its viability in different arenas, in different contexts — and there’s a lot at stake for organized labor depending on which way this battle goes.”

To read the full article, please visit Law360.


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