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Under Lock and Key


Mike Greco and Christopher Stief, partners in the Philadelphia office and co-editors of the firm's Non-Compete and Trade Secrets Blog, were interviewed for the Intellectual Property Magazine article "Under Lock and Key." The article, which appeared in the December 2011/January 2012 publication, reported on the rise in trade secret theft as a result of new technology. Mike said: "It is easier now to walk out of a company with trade secrets than it was in the past due to advances in technology. You can now hack into emails instead of stealing bulky hard copies of confidential files." There are many different reasons for trade secret theft. The motive is often money, however there are some exceptions. Mike noted, "Some individuals do it for fun while others may have an agenda." Big corporations often miss trade secret theft within their own organization. Chris said the crime is difficult to solve because "no matter how sophisticated your systems are, you are still relying on people." If a company's own worker engages in deception then "that is a tough one to guard against."

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