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U.S. Supreme Court Denies Overtime Pay to Automotive Service Advisors


Wendy McGuire Coats of San Francisco is quoted in the Daily Journal article “US Supreme Court Denies Overtime Pay to Automotive Service Advisors.” The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled on the Encino Motorcars LLC lawsuit that service advisors employed by auto dealerships are not guaranteed overtime protections when engaged in promoting repair services.

At issue in this lawsuit was whether service advisors, who consult with customers about maintenance and repair, are considered the same as a salesman under the Fair Labors Standards Act exemption. Service advisors were exempt until a 2011 Department of Labor rule was interpreted to not include service advisors as salespeople.

Wendy, who represents Encino Motorcars, said, “In a lot of ways the Supreme Court decision here is consistent with the 40 years of case law that had interpreted the statute before. It brought it back in line.”

To read the article, please visit Daily Journal. (Subscription required)

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