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Trump’s Pro-Employer Picks to Reorient EEOC’s Priorities


Scott Schneider was quoted in the New Orleans City Business article “Trump’s Pro-Employer Picks to Reorient EEOC’s Priorities.” Before Trump’s election, the EEOC in September 2016 issued a new strategic enforcement plan for fiscal years 2017 through 2021, reaffirming its focus on priorities in its previous plan. The priorities include eliminating barriers in recruitment and hiring, ensuring equal pay protections, preventing systemic harassment, preserving access to the legal system and protecting vulnerable immigrant and migrant workers from discrimination. But how the Trump administration and new EEOC leadership will interpret those priorities remains to be seen. 

“What is unusual here is typically when you talk about the strategic enforcement plan there has been continuity in administrations. We obviously do not have that here,” said Scott. “I think there is an open question about the extent to which the current administration views that enforcement plan as being in line with whatever strategic initiatives it thinks are important.” 

To read the full article, visit New Orleans City Business. (subscription required)

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