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Trump Administration, Facing Business Pressure, Blocks Wider Pay-Data Rule


In the article, "Trump Administration, Facing Business Pressure, Blocks Wider Pay-Data Rule," featured in The National Law Journal, Partner Cheryl Behymer provides commentary on the White House's revocation of the EEOC's new data collection requirement.

Behymer said her clients were pleased that the requirements were rescinded. She said they would not have adequately measured pay equity because the categories listed were too broad.

“The way the data was going to be collected and presented would have had all these burdens and wouldn’t have presented anything of note,” Behymer said. “It’s not like it’s going to highlight a red flag.”

She said the Trump administration’s decision will not likely stop or influence plaintiff attorneys from pursuing pay equity cases.

“There will continue to be a big focus on gender equity and pay issues in general, not just gender but by race and ethnicity,” she said. “Plaintiff attorneys are showing renewed interest and trying to go after pay disparities. It’s still a front-burner topic.”

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