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Transgender Employees Seeking Greater Workplace Protection


Susan Schaecher was quoted in MainStreet on May 21, 2015. The article “Transgender Employees Seeking Greater Workplace Protection” addresses the increasing number of transgender employees who are now able to access fully inclusive benefits as a small number of U.S. companies have adopted guidelines and policies for LGBT employees and their partners and families -- including them in benefits such as health insurance that were previously only offered to heterosexual employees.

Susan was quoted on how employers can assist in the transition of an employee.

While some businesses are unsure about how to address the issue, one strategy is to let the employee take the lead and decide when they want to tell their co-workers, said Susan.

“Employers need to be careful and know the law of where they have operations and do business,” she said. “The national trend is moving in the direction of more laws and ordinances prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation.”

To read the full article, please visit MainStreet.


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