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Today's Student Activists: On Fire against a Gumbo of Issues


Scott Schneider was quoted in The Atlanta Journal Constitution on December 31, 2015. The article “Today’s Student Activists: On Fire against a Gumbo of Issues” discussed how Atlanta, the cradle of the civil rights movement that targeted racism, is now in the sway of a nationwide wave of student activism that has so much in its bull’s-eye, some have termed it a “gumbo” movement.

Scott was quote on his take of this new movement.

“It is … this gumbo of issues,” said Scott.

Scott, 43, said students today respond more to social activism than he and his college contemporaries did.

“When I went to college, my concern was singular — get out of college and get a job,” he said. “This generation is growing up in the shadow of the Great Recession, and with a president who had his start in community activism.”

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