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'Tis the Season to Train Seasonal Workers


Frank Wolf was quoted in SHRM on December 7, 2015. The article “’Tis the Season to Train Seasonal Workers” discussed why seasonal employees need training on workplace policies, particularly since some workers will wind up becoming full-time employees.

Wolf was quoted on the importance of employee and managerial training.

“The employee should be given ample paid time to review the handbook, ask any questions about the handbook, and sign an acknowledgment sheet thereafter demonstrating receipt and time spent reviewing the handbook,” said Frank.

“Although some workers may be seasonal, they will still be entitled to overtime wages in the event that they exceed 40 hours per week,” Frank noted.

Frank added that seasonal employees may be the victims of discrimination, and they need to know to whom they may complain—HR or another supervisor, not just their own supervisor—who may be participating in the discrimination.

“The manager needs to be aware than an employee need not use the word ‘accommodation’ to begin the interactive process” for identifying a reasonable accommodation, Frank noted. “Accordingly, the manager must be trained in recognizing what constitutes a request for a religious or disability accommodation in the absence of some key words. If there is uncertainty as to whether an accommodation is needed, the manager should be trained to contact human resources.” Even if there is certainty that an accommodation is needed, managers might be required to contact HR to ensure the interactive process is conducted properly.

To read the full article, please visit SHRM.


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