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Threats, Rehearsal Signal Workplace Violence


Chris Boman, a partner in the Irvine office, was quoted in the October 13 Orange County Register article "Threats, Rehearsal Signal Workplace Violence." The article noted that, in the wake of a recent mass shooting at a Southern California beauty salon that left eight people dead, companies and their employees should take steps to ward off dangerous behavior. Chris said: "Hopefully, the employer has a policy forbidding workplace violence, but it comes down to what an employer knows or should have known. If an employer knows (one person) has threatened (an employee's) life, the burden is heavier" than if the employer is unaware of problems. Employees are not legally required to tell employers that they have a restraining order against someone, but companies might want to encourage workers to "help us help you with a problem." In businesses such as hair salons where some workers may be independent contractors, the employer still must provide a safe workplace, but have less liability because workers are not employees. It comes down to what is a reasonable employer to do?"


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