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The Election's Impact on the National Labor Relations Board and Unions


Fisher Phillips attorneys led panel discussions at the National Labor Law Workshop on May 6 in Chicago. The event led into the InsideCounsel 13th Annual SuperConference. The publication posted a review on its website of the program presented by Charles Caulkins and Stephen Mitchell. Their presentation, entitled “The Election’s Impact on the National Labor Relations Board and Unions,” discussed recent NLRB rulings, strategies for dealing with unions and the current in-flux state of the NLRB. The panelists said that unions are starting to feel that they must fight to survive and are trying tactics such as equating organizing rights with civil rights and picketing companies that don’t agree to their terms. Steve noted: “What they’re really trying to do is embarrass companies. They just want to make it so difficult for you to oppose them that you just give up.” Both attorneys recommended that employers have a plan in place before a union election ever arises, so they don’t have to waste time figuring out what they’re going to say to employees, where they should meet and other logistical details.

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