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The Business of Law - Summer Dress Codes


The San Diego Business Journal's column "The Business of Law" included quotes from David Monks on July 11. The writer noted that the warm weather is a reminder that dressing appropriately is a matter of concern for all employers. "What happens when an employee wears an outfit that is too revealing or shows up in flip-flops?" David asked. "Managers feel pressure to relax dress standards and employees want to be comfortable, but you can avoid common pitfalls with a little advance planning." David provided some tips on how to keep maintain a business dress code. He suggested employers have a written policy that defines business casual and what's prohibited. Clearly communicate the dress code and the reasons behind it. Respect religious or ethnic clothing choices when they do not conflict with health and safety concerns or justifiable business concerns. Remind employees of your policy against harassment. Consistently enforce the policy and finally, try to find the right balance between requiring appropriate dress among employees and respecting their personal expression. 

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