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The Four Biggest Questions Facing Traditional Labor Attys


Steve Bernstein was quoted in Law 360 on September 17, 2015. In the article, “The Four Biggest Questions Facing Traditional Labor Attys” attorneys discussed the most important unresolved questions in traditional labor law.

Steve was quoted on how well the NLRB’s take on protection for social media rants would hold up.

How the NLRB's interpretation of the protections of Section 7 of the NLRA — which safeguards workers' right to band together for mutual benefit — and how those protections apply in the social media context will be treated by appeals courts will be interesting to watch, Steve said.

“People forget that there's a time lag after these controversial decisions issue, and we're just starting to see some of these things make their way through the courts,” Steve said. “Given the tendency of some courts to rap the board on the wrist a little, I would expect some of these decisions to go against the NLRB."

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