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Technology Makes Office Romance Easier, and Firms Fret


Clarence Belnavis was quoted on Astro AWANI on February 16, 2015. The article “Technology Makes Office Romance Easier, and Firms Fret” discussed the increase of companies instituting policies about workplace romance.

Clarence was quoted on the challenges of enforcing workplace dating ban policies.

That's why employment lawyers say blanket policies against workplace dating are not as common. Not only are absolute bans nearly impossible to enforce, said Clarence, but they can put companies in the position of having to police dating between - and therefore make tough decisions on - two talented peers.

"I have clients who come to me and say our talent pool is narrow, or we're unique in what we do, and people are just going to date in the workplace," Clarence said. "What I don't need is an archaic policy that bans it all. They used to be fairly formal and rigid, now they're more relaxed."

To read the full article, please visit Astro AWANI.

This article was picked up by Tampa Bay Times on February 16, 2015.


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