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Task force: Paid sick leave good for Phila


Lori Halber was quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer on December 1, 2014. The article “Task force: Paid sick leave good for Phila” discussed how about 120,000 Philadelphia workers could receive mandatory sick pay if recommendations released Monday to Mayor Nutter become law.

Lori was quoted on her take of the proposed legislation.

Lori called the proposed legislation a form of "overregulation" and said it would hurt and potentially dissuade small businesses, particularly in the hospitality industry, from coming to Philadelphia.

"It's very simple for a business to choose to open on the Montgomery County side of City Line Avenue," she said.

For serious illnesses, Lori said, federal protections like the Family Medical Leave Act exist. Neal Lesher, legislative director of the National Federation of Independent Business, which represents 15,000 businesses in Pennsylvania, said small businesses often have had to bring in someone else if a worker has called out sick.

To read the full article, please visit Philadelphia Inquirer.

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