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Talent Management Among Top Issues Facing HR Professionals in 2013, Experts Say


Lonnie Giamela, a partner in the Los Angeles and Irvine offices, provided commentary on the most important topics of concern for HR professionals in 2013 in the article “Talent Management Among Top Issues Facing HR Professionals in 2013, Experts Say” in the January 14 Bloomberg Law Human Resources Report. The article noted that one of the key challenges that employers will face in the new year is the ability to retain top talent. As the economy slowly recovers and more people begin looking for new jobs, the issue of retaining and rewarding the best employees will be at the forefront. Lonnie said: “Employers need to identify key employees from entry-level to upper-level management and take the appropriate steps that are unique to their businesses to retain these individuals. It's thinking outside the box.”  He recommended that employers consider merit pay increases, projects that increase an employee's responsibilities, or fringe benefits like flex time, telecommuting, or technologies to keep employees happy. In addition, many Generation Y employees who are now ascending into mid-level management positions are less concerned about long term employment with a company, and more concerned about what the company can do for them. Younger employees are asking for different benefits than the baby boomers. “These are the same individuals who got trophies for participating, not winning, in sports. They seek acknowledgement.”


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