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Tackling The Issue Of Employee Identity


Joseph Gagnon, an attorney in the Houston office, was interviewed for the September 23 Human Resource Executive Online article "Tackling The Issue Of Employee Identity." The article reported that, while no one wants to think that their company's security can be breached, incidents occur in all types of industries. Effective security measures involve establishing policies and procedures, training and educating managers and staff about those policies and procedures, and creating a culture where employees are driven to actually follow them. Joe said that too often organizations develop plans and policies, but neglect the critical training and communication that should come next. Staff need to know not only about observing and identifying risks, but what to do if they see or hear something of concern. Who do they inform? What is the process for sharing this information? No-exception cultures may create some inefficiencies, but they "can also really help to secure a workplace. So, if a CEO comes in and says: 'I lost my badge and I need a new one,' that CEO should be expected to go through the same series of protocols as any lower-level employee."


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