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Super Bowl Pools: Both Legal and Tricky


Partner Kathleen McLeod Caminiti was quoted on NJ 101.5 on January 27, 2014.

You’ve probably already been confronted by your office’s Super Bowl pool, or you’re the one who’s running it. Generally these kinds of pools are legal in New Jersey.

The organizer must make sure they’re not taking any money off the top. It’s also important to keep all action within the state’s borders, beyond that  federal law can come into play.

Kathleen said office pools can actually have a positive effect on the workplace by boosting camaraderie and picking up the mood after the holidays. However, workers would be smart to keep the stakes low.

“When the stakes get higher, it sounds less like social gambling, which is legal, and more like gambling for profit, which is illegal,” Kathleen said.


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