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Summer Dress Codes in the Workplace


Brian Finucane, the managing partner of the Kansas City office, appeared on a news segment on WDAF-TV, the Fox affiliate in Kansas City on June 7.

Brian was interviewed about dress codes in the office, a topic that comes into question every summer. 

Summertime always brings the question of what is and is not appropriate to wear in the workplace.

As the weather heats up, employees want to dress more casual. It’s up to the employer to set the standard of what is considered proper attire for their place of business.

Brian said: “This is one area where the employer can call the shots. The employer can figure out what is appropriate for their workplace, and establish some rules and require employees to comply.”

He noted that, like all policies, this requires good communication. He advised that employers make sure employees understand what the expectations are and that those expectations are consistently enforced.


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