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Study Shows 'Quickie' Elections Favor Unions


The article, “Study Shows 'Quickie' Elections Favor Unions,” featured in the Atlanta Business Chronicles, addressed why the likelihood of a union victory is greater, the quicker the “quickie” union election is held.

Bert Brannen weighed in on the theory.

Such quick turnarounds don’t give employers enough time to make a case against union certification, said Bert.

“Typically, you’ve got employees who are disgruntled and they don’t believe their employers anyway,” he said. “The employer has to re-educate the employees. In two weeks, that’s a gargantuan task.”

Bert said employers looking to keep unions out must cultivate a workplace atmosphere that keeps employees happy, so they won’t be tempted by a union organizing drive.

He said treating workers fairly, giving them a sense of job security and a voice in how the workplace is run is especially important in dealing with millennial employees.

“They grew up in the everybody-gets-a-trophy generation,” Bert said. “It resonates with young people today that they’re entitled to fairness.

To read the full article, please visit the Atlanta Business Chronicles [subscription required].


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