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Starbucks’ Decision to Close Stores for Racial-Bias Training Shows Company’s ‘Commitment’ to the Issue, Attorney Says


Lori Armstrong Halber is quoted in the Cook County Record article "Starbucks' Decision to Close Stores for Racial-Bias Training Shows Company's ‘Commitment' to the Issue, Attorney Says." This article discusses Starbucks' decision to close 8,000 of their stores nationwide for racial bias training. This training comes in response to an incident where two African-American men were arrested at a Philadelphia location while they waited for a friend.

"I'm not saying this cynically, but it makes a statement that, 'We take this seriously and are willing to forego the revenue we would otherwise earn and we think it's important enough that we have everyone paying attention to the same thing at the same time,'" Lori told the Cook County Record. "I think it demonstrates a commitment on their behalf, though it's only one step in a process."

To read the full article, visit Cook County Record.


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