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Sorry, Techies: Washington's Pot Law Won't Let You Toke Up at Work


ReadWrite quoted Portland attorney Erin Sweeney in the article “Sorry, Techies: Washington’s Pot Law Won’t Let You Toke Up at Work.”  The media outlet reported on the new Washington state law that decriminalizes the use of marijuana. At this time it is uncertain of how the law, which allows adults to own up to an ounce of marijuana for private use, will affect the workplace. Erin said that even if Washington law regards a joint as roughly equivalent to a drink, the final decision appears to be in the hands of the business. “You would look at it how an employer already treats direct drug use. Washington law decriminalizes the recreational use of marijuana. They also allow medicinal marijuana, but obviously it’s still illegal under federal law. Most employers have a zero-tolerance drug policy, and that policy would still apply to recreational use. There is no requirement for an employer to accommodate medicinal marijuana use.”

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