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Should You Worry About Who Has After-Hours Access to Your Office?


Medical Office Today quoted Atlanta Partner Tracy Moon in the article “Should You Worry About Who Has After-Hours Access to Your Office?”  The article focused on the importance of securing documents and files containing sensitive and confidential information when third party service providers, such as cleaning crews, repairmen, and delivery drivers have access to medical offices after hours. Tracy said it’s important that third party service providers understand that medical offices have confidential and private materials on the premises and it’s best to get this acknowledgment in writing.  “Have them sign an agreement acknowledging that they have been made aware of it and that they will fully comply with the policies of the practice with regard to maintaining the confidence and security of the various items.” He also noted that if the practice is leasing space from a property management firm, the building owner should be contacted to review the credentials and the background of these third party service providers. “Make sure they are properly licensed, bonded, and have insurance.” In addition, he added that a practice should be aware of employees who access the premise outside regular business hours. “You should know who has the ability to access your office. In fact, depending on the type of access necessary, you may have multiple keys to access different areas of your office.”


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