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Should You Require Employees to Sign an Arbitration Agreement?


Andria Ryan, chair of the Hospitality Practice Group, was quoted in the Nation’s Restaurant News article “Should You Require Employees to Sign an Arbitration Agreement?” The U.S Supreme Court ruled employers can require their workers to sign an arbitration agreement that stipulates workers agree not to join collective-action lawsuits. Attorneys say the ruling will help minimize litigation risk.

When asking employees to sign, especially veteran workers, Andria emphasizes a careful approach. “For current employees, it’s much harder, because what are you going to do, terminate them?” she said. “What if it’s a good employee? What if it’s a long-term employee? You have to decide, if they don’t want to sign that agreement, are you still going to keep them? Or are you going to try to coax them into signing it?”

To read the full article, visit Nation's Restaurant News.


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