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Sexual Misconduct in the Workplace Can Have Serious Consequences


Steve Cupp, a partner in the firm’s Gulfport office was quoted in the article “Sexual Misconduct in the Workplace Can Have Serious Consequences” featured in the Mississippi Business Journal. Steve said there is hardly a workplace left today where managers are not at least aware of the complicated and costly problems that can be created by even a single incident of sexual harassment.

“We are fortunate to represent companies that are very aware they need to prevent all forms of harassment and discrimination in the workplace, including sexual harassment,” he said. “With the Weinstein allegations, he was a principal in a company and the information that came out was that he was using his power within the movie industry to coerce sexual favors from those seeking to break into the movie businesses.”

He recommends five things employers can do to help insulate themselves from claims of discrimination and claims of sexual misconduct.

To read the full article, please visit the Mississippi Business Journal.


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