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Sexual Harassment — What’s Simply Never OK In The Workplace


In a New Jersey 101.5 FM radio interview Kathleen Caminiti talks about how the thin line between what is acceptable and not, isn’t always clear. In the interview she gives a thorough guideline for what behavior is ok and what behavior can land you in deep legal trouble. The station also posted an article on its website: “Sexual Harassment — What’s Simply Never OK In The Workplace”

Kathie said: “Should you be telling jokes that include sexual innuendo or lewd comments? No, you should not, If someone is offended by a sexual joke, or a joke of a sexual nature, it does not take much for that person to file a claim or a lawsuit. That’s the world we’re living in now…From an employer’s perspective, you want to maintain a workplace that’s really free of discussion of sex. People are there to work.”

For the full interview and video, please visit NJ101.5


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