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SEIU Sues its Ex-President, 2 Ex-Staffers in Vegas


Mark Ricciardi was quoted in the Las Vegas Review – Journal article “SEIU Sues its Ex-President, 2 Ex-Staffers in Vegas” on September 26, 2014.

Mark was quoted on his viewpoint regarding the financial disclosure requirement for the SEIU.

“Putting financial disclosure requirements in place for other unions that represent public employees would be a good step toward transparency,” said Mark.

Mark noted it’s up to states to regulate public employee unions and decide whether to enact disclosure requirements. Some states, including Alabama, Kansas and South Dakota, have passed legislation requiring annual financial reports.

“The best way for union members and the public to be sure unions are policing themselves is to have some sort of financial disclosure for these unions that is publicly filed with the government,” Mark said.


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