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Seattle Set To Micromanage Private Sector Work Scheduling; Employers Alarmed


The article, “Seattle Set To Micromanage Private Sector Work Scheduling; Employers Alarmed,” featured on, highlighted the growing concerns among employers and others about the City of Seattle's "secure scheduling"  ordinance, headed toward passage early next week.

Attorney Catharine Morisset sheds light on the number of unintended consequences the law would cause.

“The proposed law gives little guidance as to how an employer should sort through the myriad requests, except to give preferential treatment to employees with children, second jobs, or in school” which might cause employee discord, wrote the attorneys.

They added the ordinance is “also likely a harbinger of similar laws in other jurisdictions. Oregon, California, New York, North Carolina, Connecticut, Washington D.C., and Illinois are among those jurisdictions currently considering similar legislation, and worker advocates will no doubt push for a further spread of predictable scheduling laws in 2017.”

To read the full article, please visit Lens.


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