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Schools Focus on Athletes to Help Reduce Sexual Assaults


Scott Schneider was quoted on WBTV on November 5, 2015. The article “Schools Focus on Athletes to Help Reduce Sexual Assaults” discusses the extra effort that universities are putting towards helping athletes become better role models and avoid trouble with the law.

Scott said explaining the consequences of bad behavior to athletes has proven to be effective.

“Saying, hey, this not appropriate, and will get you in trouble. And this could follow you the rest of your life,” Scott noted.

Scott said schools rightly place a focus on Greek groups and athletics when addressing sexual violence. 

“Those are areas where you see a higher prevalence of sexual misconduct on campuses,” he said. “The other problem for athletes is that if they have problems, they are high profile.”

Scott, who has about a decade of experience working with schools, said that many universities have adopted some type of training to combat sexual misconduct.

He said encouraging intervention helps athletes understand that they have an obligation to step in and diffuse a situation.

To read the full article, please visit WBTV.

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