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Scam Artists' Latest Target: HR!


The article, “Scam Artists’ Latest Target: HR!” featured in HRE Daily, examined the rise of phishing incidents that targeted and successfully scammed corporate HR departments.

Risa Boerner discussed the importance of thoroughly training employees to keep up with changing schemes.

Risa said that scam artists are becoming much more sophisticated in their efforts.

Today, she explained, they can clone a CEO’s email account and make it look like it’s coming from him or her, as was the case here. While that was possible ten years ago, she added, it wasn’t very common for the messages to look as polished and believable as they often do today.

She noted that these incidents speak to the need for employers to not only thoroughly train their employees, but also update their training regularly to keep up with changing tactics. “What was current two years ago may not be current now,” she said.

To read the full article, please visit HRE Daily.

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