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Say Hello to the Season of the Shorts (Yes, Even at the Office)


Rosemary Gousman, managing partner of the New Jersey office, was quoted in the June 27 article "Say Hello to the Season of the Shorts (Yes, Even at the Office)." The article noted that in Japan, the government asked workers to dress down in order to save money on air conditioning bills. The are some U.S. companies that say cooler attire is permitted in their offices to help reduce utility bills. However, sometimes employees take the dressing down to in appropriate levels. Rosemary said that the slippery slope is exactly what many employers are worried about. She pointed out that most companies have dress codes that don't allow shorts to be worn at all. But when they do, she added, "they say Bermuda-type shorts is all that's allowed. And if someone comes in with short shorts on unless they're a waitress at Hooters that's generally not permitted in the workplace because of sexual harassment issues."


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